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8 May 2007
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Finding Dory is the loooooong awaited sequel to Disney’s hit movie, Finding Nemo. A new Finding Dory trailer released today gives us a much better look at the follow up movie and reveals many more of the story’s elements and settings.

The first trailer for Finding Dory was uploaded almost four months ago, and it featured just a few sleepy scenes wherein Dory begins to reverse her comically bad memory. Today’s new trailer for Finding Dory is a much bigger reveal about the story, especially Dory’s wish to find her family, and a huge variety of segments showing the new aquatic adventure.

Finding Nemo was memorable for a number of reasons, but not the least of which was a huge diversity of reef creature characters; who can forget Jacques the cleaner shrimp, Bubbles the yellow tang or Peach the starfish? The new Finding Dory trailer appears equally well endowed with a rich cast of personable aquatic friends, including a whale shark, a sea urchin, a sea slug and many more.

The Finding Dory trailer reveals a long lost friend of Dory’s to be a gigantic whale shark

Of greater note to the many generations of new aquarium hobbyists since Finding Nemo will be the myriad of aquarium settings which span from the huge public aquariums for whale sharks and beluga whale, some tanks behind the scenes, and someone’s typical home aquarium. No doubt these captive aquatic environments will be of great interest to aquarists of all types, and some of the reef tech heads in the group will be looking out to see if they use any recognizable aquarium equipment.

As great as the original Finding Nemo was as a movie about coral reef animals, the technological improvements in digital animation will no doubt make Finding Dory an even bigger treat of eye candy for viewers. Finding Dory will be released this summer on June 17th and you can bet your tail fin that we’ll be there to see it opening weekend.
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