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    A few weeks back we introduced a swath of you to PIJAC, a very important group of people that are fighting for our rights as pet owners and professionals in the pet & aquarium trade. The things that we hold dear as reefers like frag swaps, coral culture, access to a diversity of fish and coral species and more, those things are not unalienable rights, and you would be surprised how often they come under fire.

    The first best line of defense when it comes to protecting the better parts of the aquarium trade and hobby is a well-informed public. While we do our best to bring to light threats and new laws and regulations that affect how we enjoy our fish, this type of coverage is better revealed by the experts at PIJAC. Not only does PIJAC help educate us, but it also is the only organization committed to working on our behalf, speaking for our interests and going to bat when our rights are threatened.

    The new PIJAC website has a refreshed look that makes it easier to find out what is going on. Of particular interest is the News section which filters results by the part of the pet trade that a reader is interested in, even going further to allow results based on your particular state, because both state and federal laws can put a serious kibosh on things we really love. If you are a professional in the aquarium trade, consider supporting PIJAC as we have and for all you consumers out there, do your part to stay informed and know what is going on that affects your hobby.*[PIJAC]
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    We need the same here in SA.:thumbup:

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