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    The use of a diversity of LED colors is not limited to the high tech reef aquarium lights but it’s very easy to get wrong. The EvoLED was already a pretty mature and capable LED reef light last year when its newest iteration was released but the addition of a tiny bit of red and green light is well executed. Instead of jumping in the deep end of the multicolor LED pool te EvoLED Color keeps it simple with 450 and 460nm blue LEDs, 6500K white LEDs and less than 10% of the overall lighting power going to scattered red and blue LEDs.

    The EvoLED Color comes in a range of sizes with a very palatable price tag. For example the EvoLED 150 is a 150 watts of power spread across 75 Epistar diodes for only $399 – the EvoLED fixture may not be the most anorexic on the block but it more than makes up for it by having a lot of power and lot of diodes. You won’t any kind of fancy shmancy lightning or automatic color control but two dimmable channels and separate power cords means that basic dawn to dusk functions are easy to DIY with standard timers.**[Reefkoi]

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