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    New Era Food Enrichment additives are a new line of products made to nutritionally enhance live, frozen and dry food regimens. We were sent a few images of the New Era Live Food*Enrichment and the New Era Marine Frozen Food Enrichment products and are definitely intrigued to how these will perform for hobbyists.

    The New Era Live Food Enrichment (left bottle on image above) appears to be a thick liquid that you add to your live nauplii artemia prior to feeding. As a liposome-based product, the Live Food Enrichment is a blend of the marine fish oils along with high quality natural pigments and nutraceuticals made for short duration enrichment applications.

    The directions are pretty simple. Shake well and add enough of the product to slightly cloud the water in the enrichment vessel with the nauplii, harvest the nauplii after 20-60 mins, rinse, disinfect, rinse and then feed.

    The New Era Marine Frozen Food Enrichment is described as “…rich in vitamins and antioxidants and is blended with premium fish oils, natural pigments and nutraceuticals that assist by binding to tissues of frozen foods to enhance its nutritional profileis simple to use as well. Add some of the liquid to your frozen food, allow it to soak up and then feed your fish or coral.

    The line also includes Aegis Frozen Food Enrichment, a complimentary enrichment for the marine frozen food regimen, that is geared towards maximizing your fish health, color and vitality by switching it up and adding some diversity to the mix. The New Era team also lists Artemia cysts and spirulina flakes in the line. Not sure when these will be available on the market but we would expect them to ship very soon in the UK and Europe and hopefully make their way across to the US market later this year.

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