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    After years of focusing on the dietary needs of public aquarium fishes, and retailing in many countries abroad, New Era Aquaculture is finally ready to make their food available to American aquarists. We have thoroughly lauded many of the different foods by New Era Aquaculture; it’s fresh, soft, cold-processed, available in pellets, flakes and ‘grazers’ and now you can get some too.

    New Era Aquaculture’s foods made for public aquariums to replace expensive and messy frozen foods will soon be at an LFS near you. Although not relegated to brick n’ mortar stores, we’re already seeing New Era Aquaculture available for purchase online but at least the LFS will not have to compete with cutthroat pricing due to the enforcement of Minimum Advertised Price (MAP).

    New Era Aquaculture is one of the many foods we feed our own fishes, as we have shown in the past with hand feeding eels and treating our Fish Only aquarium to Marine Grazers, and we feel strongly that New Era is pushing the envelope when it comes to prepared foods for long term maintenance of captive marine aquarium fishes.

    If you are a distributor or retailer looking to bring in New Era Aquaculture foods, visit the official website, and we look forward to seeing this progressive marine fish diet accessible to more aquarists around North America.

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