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    New Era Aquaculture is a company with a razor sharp focus on fish nutrition. Their cold processed flake and pelleted foods are particularly popular with display aquarium institutions for it’s high nutritional density and digestibility. One of the more unique products in New Era’s line is the Aegis nutritional supplement which was first offered in a ‘Liposome Spray’ to give frozen fish food a little bump. In their own words:

    Aegis Liposome Sprays Type I & II are rich in vitamins and antioxidants and use a blend of premium fish oils with natural pigments and nutraceuticals that bind to the tissues of frozen foods to enhance its nutritional profile.

    A while back New Era introduced the Aegis flake food and now the dietary rotation has come full circle and is available in a pelleted form. There are no details on whether the Aegis pellet combines the first and second phases of New Era’s nutritional rotation, nor on when it will be available in America.

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