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    There’s a new remote for Ecoxotic RGB LED lights, notably the RGB Panorama Pro LED striplights. This newer, larger remote controlling device is like a souped-up version of the old one, with more color presets, the ability to store multiple color presets and “Increased memory for storing last color profile”.

    That last detail about the new remote is important since some users have reported random color modes*occurring*with their RGB Panorama Pro when used with a light timer; hopefully the new Ecoxotic RGB remote can help with that. Press releases after the break introduces the new Ecoxotic RGB LED remote but there is no mention on how current users can upgrade to it, yet.*

    Our new Panorama Pro RGB controller provides new features and flexibility to dial in almost any color spectrum. Now you can:

    • Create your own custom colors and store up to 6 in memory
    • 20 preset colors
    • Fade between colors quickly or slowly
    • Increased memory for storing last color profile
    • Vary intensity and brightness
    • Turn lights on and off
    Create your own custom color or instantly choose one of 20 different color spectrums with the simple touch of a button. Whether you want to add a little fuschia to your reef tank, create an aqua-blue angelfish tank, or gently fade through all the color spectrums in your jellyfish exhibit, the*Panorama Pro RGB Module*completely changes what you can do with aquarium lighting.

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