RSS New Ecotech Radion to sport both CREE and OSRAM LEDs?

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    logo.jpg A Canadian retailer has posted information about the specifications for Ecotech’s Radion light. Those specifications have not been confirmed, as we reached out to Ecotech Marine and they did not confirm or deny that any information on the supposedly LED lighting unit was indeed correct.* For the sake of doing our jobs properly we thought we share you the nuggets of information, mainly:

    via [CanReef]

    Update: Magically the specs have disappeared.

    120v fixture
    34 LEDs
    Full Spectrum
    Fully Adjustable
    Communicates with Pumps
    Sunrise Sunset Clouds
    Cree and Osram LEDs

    What more do you know than before? Not much. We are 99% certain that Ecotech Marine is coming out with an LED light. Take this information with an extra grain of salt.

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