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    DuplaRin Mar is a new food for saltwater fish from Dupla but another interesting feature is the click-to-feed container that Dupla seems to be rolling out on some of its granular foods.*The container contains a button on the side that feeds a predetermined amount of food to the tank. From poking around, we couldn’t figure out the exact amount but we can assume it feeds a modest amount of food for a small aquarium allowing you to select how many “clicks” it takes to feed your own aquarium cutting down on overfeeding and waste, and especially useful for instructing tank-sitters on how much to feed. The hand dispenser comes in the 65ml size and is refillable from a larger, 180ml size.

    The new DuplaRin Mar food is enriched with beta-glucane made from yeasts and vegetable cell wall components formulated to assists the function of the animals intestinal immune system. *The size of the DuplaRin Mar is made to be a good size for a variety of fish and fish sizes in the aquarium and designed to feed at three levels — some floating, some suspended and some sinking — to feed all the fish in the water column. The new DuplaRin Mar is priced around*€3.50 (approx. $4.40 USD) and*€7.00 (approx. $9 USD).
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