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8 May 2007
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The EcoDrift propeller pumps and DC Runner centrifugal pump have been one of Aqua Medic’s biggest hit aquarium products in a long time, and now they are ready for a refresh. This weekend at ReefStock 2016 in Denver we expect Aqua Medic USA to show off these new pumps for the first time, and tell us what they’re all about.

First up is the new DC Runner which is differentiated by having a clear volute so you can easily see what is going on with the impeller. This will be especially handy when the new DC Runners are bundled with the Aqua Medic aCone protein skimmers. Finally, Aqua Medic will be offering the new DC Runners in eight sizes, up from just three, including larger models.

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Meanwhile the EcoDrift pumps are getting a slight upgrade as well, but it’ll be primarily in the pump controller side of the equation. EcoDrift pumps will now be getting wireless capabilities, like the model it’s built from, and you’ll be able to synch and anti-synch various EcoDrift pumps. The new wireless EcoDrift pumps will be able to communicate to each other for even more sophisticated water flow features and functions.

All the new models of DC Runners and EcoDrifts will be available in the same sizes as before but all of them will have the point one (0.1) added to their model number so you can easily tell which generation of pump you are looking at. Again, full specs and details will be revealed this weekend at ReefStock so stay tuned.

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