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    Hi everyone

    We've received some really nice looking Corals as listed below

    Frogspawns (Good size) @ R495.00ea
    Lobophyllia (Hemprichii, Hataii ) - Open Brains @ R398.00ea
    Bubble Corals @ R398.00ea
    Symphyllia & Trachypyllia (Open Brains) @ R398.00ea
    Red Sun Corals @ R398.00ea
    Branching Hammer Corals @ R398.00ea
    Torch Corals @ R445.00ea
    Pagoda Corals @ R398.00ea
    Elegance (Stunning) @ R459.00ea
    Green Star Polyps @ R359.00ea
    Various Zoanthus (Mixed, Green, Orange) @ R359.00ea
    Finger Leathers @ R359.00ea
    Various Mushroom Polyps on rock @ R359.00ea

    These corals look great and will make a nice addition to anyone's Reef!

    Wishing you all a great day.


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