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    The new Coralife LED BioCube is probably the most significant advancement for the iconic all-in-one aquarium since Coralife acquired the brand from Oceanic. Besides the all-LED format, Coralife refreshed the design in a couple intriguing ways.

    First off the new LED BioCube features three integrated LED channels with bright white daytime LEDs and the blue LEDs for night and actinic supplementation. All three channels are controlled via a 24-hour clock timer built into the hood with automatic 30-minute sunrise and sunset cycles and a 60-minute moonrise/moonset programs built in.

    The aquarium itself got a slight boost with two extra inches in height to increase the viewing area of the tank adding a couple extra gallons in capacity. The Coralife LED BioCube 16 is a 2-gallon upgrade from the BioCube 14 and the Coralife LED BioCube 32 is a 3-gallon upgrade from the BiOCube 29.

    The tank also features the typical AIO features like customizable filtration chamber, dual intakes and adjustable return nozzle. There is also a clear back glass to make it easier to add a mini refugium and light it from behind.

    The new design is compatible with existing BioCube accessories and it looks like the LED hood is compatible for existing BioCube 14 and 29 aquariums for potential upgrades.

    The company is also releasing designer stand made just for these aquariums constructed out of water-resistent materials with tinted acrylic panels hiding the storage area underneath.

    It looks like Coralife is showcasing this at Global Pet Expo with a full launch coming in May.

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