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    Coral Shop dosing pumps are a little bit puzzling at first but we don’t think it is necessarily a bad thing. When we first received the pictures of these new dosing pump from Coral Shop we were quite pleasantly*surprised to see something original. The Coral Shop dosing pump doesn’t look even remotely like*similar*units on the market; the*usual*box with a couple of*peristaltic*pumps and a LCD screen. The new Coral Shop dosing system uses pumps that share slight*similarities*with your regular*peristaltic*pump and instead of the unified box look, Coral Shop opted with having a single master unit coupled with slave units. Keep reading for more info.

    Coral-Shop-dosing-pump.jpg As mentioned earlier the Coral Shop dosing pumps make use of a system based on*Master*/*Slave concept. This decentralized approach to using multiple dosing pumps makes*extending the controller extremely easy and it keep cost down for people that only use two or less pumps. *The slave dosing units are connected between the master unit via a single-cable USB which makes changing out units also very easy. The dosing units are designed to be mounted on almost any type of bottle, canister etc. which is pretty neat. For those of you that don’t like the thought, Coral Shop also offers an all-in-one installation with an optional durable water resistant Rack. The unit also offers “Continuous depot monitoring with alarm” but it is not yet clear what all that entails; supposedly the unit monitors the amount to fluid and sets of an alarm when the level falls below a certain level. The Coral Shop dosing pump unit also offers a Precision test mode and a Calibration mode which is an welcome premium feature in these dosers.

    The Coral Shop Dosing Pumps are still a few weeks away from having full availability and pricing annoucned but we will post up more details and pricing when it becomes available.
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