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    When we moved to Disqus way back in 2011—we thought we would be getting something really good. However, since that time Disqus has become incredibly popular powering sites like Mashable, and CNN. Because of their growing popularity Disqus made other (paid) options available for larger sites like us and we really weren’t happy with the options they were providing us. Plus their lower tiered service has frequent outages (it’s free after all). We also thought it was important for our community of readers to own their own content without being at the mercy of another company.

    Because of these points we are changing our commenting system. What’s new?

    You’ll still have the same awesome features that you are used to: multiple, threaded reply levels, updating of new comments, login connectivity with Facebook, Twitter, and OpenID. You probably won’t notice much, except that you’ll need to login again using a profile mentioned above. *We want to create the best community of commenters in the aquatics industry and we appreciate all of our readers who participate in thoughtful, intelligent conversations about some of the best topics our hard working editors create.

    The new commenting system will be online later in the evening today!
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