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    The nano-reef market is getting a bit of good news today with another nano-sized biopellet reactor hitting the market as the new*CAD Lights NR-1 Nano Reef Bio-Reactor was just announced. The*diminutive*reactor measures uses a 2 1/2 in. diameter body and takes up a total of 12 in. in height including all the plumbing. Designed to fit the CAD Lights nano tanks (from the Mini 4 and 8 gallon sizes all the way up to the 39 gallon), the*CAD Lights NR-1 Nano Reef Bio-Reactor will let even the small tank owners take advantage of the benefits of biopellets with the reduction of nitrates and phosphates.*

    NR-1-installation-300x200.jpg This nano biopellet reactor is not the first of its kind as we saw CPR Aquatic nano biopellet reactors develop the mini and nano version of unique tumblers last year and it is good to see more companies scaling down equipment for the smaller tank market. The CAD Lights NR-1 is powered by a super quiet and slim*TIA Professional pumps with a flow rate up to 200GPH while using 11.5W of power. These*will be available around August 27 and will run $89.99. Preorders are being taken now on the CAD Lights website. *Here is a complete list of all the*features of the NR-1 Nano Bio-reactor:

    • Effectively removes and controls Nitrates, Phosphates and Nuisance Algaes for aquariums 5G-50G (with respective livestock volume)
    • 100% Seamless Top Quality Cell-cast Acrylic Super durable 1/4″ Construction.
    • Ultra-slim 2.5″ Diameter body at 12″ Overall height including all plumbing.
    • 150ML Capacity Bio-pellet works great for all Nano reefs from 5G up to 50G.
    • Professionally handcrafted for Total silent operation (Set it and Forget it)
    • Anti-Clumping design
    • Unique FULL tumbling effect ensures Maximum pellet interaction and movement.
    • High speed smooth distribution system with Low agitation
    • Multiple ways to install with 4-directional clamp mount, works great above water and fully submerged
    • Simple maintenance and disassembly

    Click here to view the embedded video.

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