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    Groupers are an important family of fishes which taste delicious but also make up the apex predator of many marine ecosystems. Being part of the family Serranidae groupers are closely related to Anthias, hawkfish and a multitude of little basslets. Nevertheless, when we think of groupers we’re mostly talking about large species which are tank busters as far as aquarium life is concerned.

    Besides the occasional neptune grouper, spanish flag grouper or polleni grouper, their relatives get very little airtime in aquaria. Since they are mostly very large species we know disproportionately little about Groupers so it’s a good thing that there exists a book solely on this group of fish. The book Groupers of the World covers over 160 species, in full color with distribution maps of the piscine creatures also known as rockcod and jewfish.

    Priced at $80 the Groupers of the World book is not an aquarium book per se dealing with many aspects of habitat, angling and even market pressures but if you’re into the tank busting groupers, Groupers of the World is the only specific grouper publication that we know of.


    groupers-world-book.jpg Photo Dr. Hiroyuki Tanaka

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