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    The Blau Nano LED is a small-scale and sleek looking LED fixture that definitely has the form and function combination we appreciate in our high-tech lighting. On top of this, Blau is aiming for affordability with this light fixture with a target price of $57 (€46) this tiny fixture is set for a September 1 release in Europe.*

    The company had these on display at Interzoo 2012 that measure in around the same size of a smartphone you carry in your pocket*(14.4 x 8.7 x 2.2 cm) coming in either black or white. *It is attached to your aquarium by a clear screw-on clamp *but we are hoping there may be alternative methods in teh works to give you control of distance and spread. The LEDs in the light feature*36 white LEDs and 24 blue LEDs giving you a nice crisp white worthy of most marine aquariums.

    Good news for those of you who want some level of control as the Blau Nano LED features*two channels to regulate the blue and white LEDs separately giving you the option a variety of color choices with a simple controller. The transformer also lets you use an external timer to control the light cycle as well.

    The LEDs are low power and that give out a*maximum intensity of 11,000 LUX at the center point for a 9W of power consumption. The diodes come with an integrated lens angle of 40° limiting the area it can adequately cover to about 25 × 25 cm, sufficient for most nano aquariums but some larger nanos may need a pair of these.

    [Thanks Jose and the team at Acuaristica]




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