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    There are a pair of new media reactors from BioTek Marine we have seen in prototype that are well built and should perform well, but also look pretty under your aquarium. The two series, Tek Series and Bio Series, are similar but the Tek Series (blue and grey acrylic) are a more high-quality build with cast acrylic tubing than the Bio Series (red and black) made from extruded. The Tek line also has blue acrylic tubing and the Bio line will have clear acrylic tubing.

    These also coincide with the new sumps BioTek announced last week, designed to compliment the BioSump and TekSump designs and features. Both reactors are available in a 4 in. and a 6 in. diameter (and can even be made to custom specifications) and in two heights to hold your GFO, bio pellets, carbon or whatever else you want to fluidize. For reactors designed for bio pellets, there is a baseplate that sits above where the water is injected with laser-cut holes in the bottom of the reactor along the edge of the tube to  prevent media from entering the bottom of the reactor while providing an effective yet gentle tumbling action.

    The final production models will feature elbow hose barb fitting (not straight as shown in the photos). To add the final touches BioTek uses lasers to cut the media screens and adds a nice touch with laser engraved lids. We are still waiting on the final details including pricing and availability, but as a gadget head, I get excited about products like this that make the afterthought sump area part of the pride and joy of your system.

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