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29 May 2007
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Hi there,I am new to the site and happy to be here.
I live in jhb.Have been at marines for about 3 years now.
I run about 1500l in 3 systems(will get to the technicalities and pics later)
I am propagating and have an avid diy side.
Will take awhile to learn the computer/forums etc. side so excuse any fauxs.
Thank you...
Hey fisheye, welcome to MASA, gr8 to have you on board. We all love pics on this site how about posting some pics of the set up and a bit more info on the system.
Hey Fisheye, welcome to MASA.
welcome to masa fisheye
Welcome dude.
Welcome to the best place on the web fisheye
Thank you all for the welcomes....I am moving a 2.00m tank this weekend to complete the planned system...wish us luck.The idea is to create an L-shaped system consisting of 3 tanks....2.00m fish and reef hardy inverts,a 0.900m fish,sps and softies,a 1.200m softies and fish.Filtration via various sumps,linked but tank requirement specific.Pictures and details will always ones biggest worry is moving livestock.Keep cool reefers will post next week...
Aweosme fisheye, look forward to it.

Good luck with the move.
sounds very interesting, can't wait to see this one.
Welcome luis. Hope your 2 days off have helped with preparing the move. Remember all im coming for is to move the tank and nothing else... oh and drink all your beer ;-)
Welcome Fisheye
Good to have you on the forum as well. Hope we are going to see lots of pics, make Reefer work. Also open for all those handy hints. Enjoy!!!
Hey Feathers, congrats on your first post. Welcome to MASA :)
Hi all,a big thank you to midas,reefer,copperband,neil and andrea....all went well with the move.Fish and corals basking in a 50% water change,new rockscape to play in and hopefully more effecient filtration for the future.Will get thoose system details out before the end of this week....thanks for well wishes and welcomes.
Thank you dj,will post all details tommorow...sorry for taking so long.
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