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    AccuraSea1 is a new salt mix from Two Little Fishies, the first ever basic seawater formulation from the world-renowned Julian Sprung. What makes AccuraSea1 unique is that it is prepackaged into two sizes, a 54 gallon size with 12 packs of 4.5 gallons and a 200 gallon size with ten packs of 20 gallons.

    The reasoning behind prepackagin AccuraSea1 into so many small-sized packets is to maximize the consistency and “chemical freshness” of the salt mix, as well as streamlining the process of mixing saltwater in discrete amounts. The benefits of having 4.5 and 20 gallon mixes in these sizes is apparent especially to the nano reef aquarium owners who don’t really need a giant bucket of salt taking up room in the house.

    More importantly, the separation of AccuraSea1 into discrete pre-measured packets is that it basically eliminates the need to even measure salinity once the seawater formula is mixed with a precise volume of purified water. Finally, we trust that Two Little Fishies has developed their formula for AccuraSea1 to be fast mixing, with appropriate levels of major and minor constituents to create seawater that is suitable for both marine and reef fish.

    AccuraSea1 is not being released yet but will be “coming soon” to market.
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