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    Good morning reefers,

    Stock available,

    Parrot fish (S)
    Harlaquin filefish
    Pipe fish
    Black belly trigger (m)
    Scopus tangs (S-m)
    Porcupine puffers (m)
    Guitar Ray/shark (40cm)
    Humpedhead bannerfish (S)
    Keyhole angelfish (S)
    Sohal tang (S)
    French angel (m)
    Powder blue (XXL)
    Karon angel (S-m)
    Ocellaris clowns (S)
    Maroon gold band clown (S)
    Lighting Maroon clown (S-m)
    Lined chromis (S)
    Line green Wrasse (m)
    Clown trigger (m)
    Blue/green chromis (L)
    Large eye Squirrel (L)
    Hawk fish (S-m)
    Leopard eel (S)
    Snow flake eel (S)
    Nigripes clownfish (S)
    White tail Remora (S) 25cm
    Sole fish (S)

    For a quick response on price please whatapp us on 078 746 0210

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