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    Apex Controller users rejoice! Neptune Systems is about to release it’s first universal Apex iOS app for iphones and iPads. Until now, if you wanted to control your Apex from your iPhone you had to use the very antiquated (and not iPad formatted) AquaNotes app. This new app is just called “Apex”, is developed directly by Neptune Systems, and will be available very soon from the Apple App Store. Keep reading for a rundown of several of the new features.

    Universal Application: In geek-speak this means that there is one app that is available that will work for both the iPhone or iPad but will work natively in either device. This means that when you run this new Apex app in the iPad, it will fill the whole screen, have higher resolution, and provide additional features. As a comparison, the existing AquaNotes app is iPhone only and when run on an iPad it can be scaled up, but it still basically the iPhone app running on an iPad. Having a native iPad app now is a HUGE plus!

    Automatic Detection: This new app will quickly search your network and auto-discover any Apex controllers thereby eliminating the need to manually enter IP addresses, ports, etc.

    Improved Outlet Control: The ability to control individual outlets and see current status has been improved.

    Graphing: The graphing capability is what has improved most dramatically. Just like with the AquaNotes app, the new Apex can graph any data port such as pH, Temp, ORP, etc. But, that is where the similarity ends. The new graphing engine in the Apex app is super cool and takes advantage of the iOS gestures such as pinch to zoom in/out, and even the ability to lock a graph and then swipe up or down and cycle through other graphs that will superimpose on the first graph. This allows you to very easily compare things like Amps and temp or Ph and ORP on the same graph.

    History: Now you can see exactly what outlet (actual or virtual) turned on or off across the last 24 hours. Not only will you be able to see the minute-by-minute log, but this new app will also roll up the data into an easy to read graph of cumulative time for each of the outlets.

    Multiple controllers: Although you could put multiple controllers into the old AquaNotes app, the new Apex app running on an iPad makes it super easy to see all your controllers in the left column and the right pane has the info for the controller you select on the left. This is really handy if, like me, you monitor your reef-buddies systems for them and they reciprocate when you are “off-the-grid”.

    This new Apex app should be on the app store any day now as soon as Apple approves it and pushes it out. Stay tuned to ReefBuilders for the official announcement when it hits the app store.

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