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    With a whirlwind of new releases already under its belt Neptune Systems is pushing forward with yet another new release. Hot on the heels of the AWM AI Wireless Modules, AFS Automatic Feeding System and the unique Crossover Diet to go with it, the new Energy Bar 6 with Schuko sockets is a big deal, for Europe.

    Schuko sockets are a standard for plugs and outlets which is preferred and compatible with a range of different plug standards and opens up the Apex aquarium controller platforms to a ton of new countries. European resellers wishing to carry the Apex with Schuko style Energy Bar 6 can contact the newest Neptune System distributor in the region, Nordic Reef.

    With its range of Energy Bars for the different outlets of the world and now the Schuko Energy Bar 6, in addition to the US the Neptune Systems*products with localized outlets and plug (220/240V as well) are selling into Canada, the UK, all of the EU, Turkey, much of the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand, China, Japan, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia.

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