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    My Reef Creations (MRC) by this point is a staple of high performance aquarium equipment in the US market. However, Neptune Distribution a French company is releasing a calcium reactor that looks suspiciously close (nearly identical) to the MRC calcium reactor line. Let’s just say that if the acrylic was black rather than red, and if it lacked the logo an untrained eye wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. Say what you will, but least it is available in the EU market now and since it’s based off a tried and tested design you know what you’re getting.

    Neptune-Distribution-calcium-reactor-1024x679.jpg MRC-calcium-reactor.png A slight similarity maybe?

    The use of the silly little internal spray bar was until now basically exclusive to MRC reactors. The use of coarse calcium aragonite media in calcium reactors is the predominant choice of modern reefers so it seems a little anachronistic to include a spray bar in a new*calcium*reactor these days – at least its easy to remove.

    Whether it is “right” or not, at least Neptune Distribution’s products should see wide distribution on the store shelves of France and neighboring countries. For more information visit the Neptune Distribution Calcium reactors here*and for comparison*check out the OG MRC calcium reactors here.


    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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