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    The new NeoTherm heater coming to North America from Cobalt Aquatics may actually be the best aquarium heater that has ever been available to hobbyists. On paper the NeoTherm has a spec sheet that puts it in a completely different league from any glass or titanium heater that is on aquairum store shelves right now. Sure the NeoTherm is small, sleek, it has electronic internals with onboard digital readout of water temperature and set temperature but the proof is in the pudding, or in this case the thermograph. With its advanced microprocessor thermostat, the NeoTherm can regulate temperature to within a fraction of a degree, and now you can get one too.*

    5D3C2FEA-AC57-437E-B447-3218200AF508-300x196.png Of all the parameters we spend a considerable amount of time trying to manage in our aquariums, temperature control is somehow relegated to some of the cheapest most untrustworthy equipment. We’ll spend thousands on a chiller to keep the temperature cool but only $30 to $50 for some janky glass heaters or titanium ones with questionable heating performance. For needs up to 200 watts of heating, we sincerely believe that the Cobalt Aquatics NeoTherm could be one of the best aquarium heaters ever made for keeping tropical*aquarium*fish comfortable.

    They may cost a bit more than other heaters but as many horror stories (and recalls) that aquarium heaters have experienced over the years, spending a modest amount on a higher end heater like the NeoTherm is totally worth it. Eager aquarists looking for the stealthy new and indestructible heating device can pick up NeoTherms at Premium Aquatics for $56 and up, and at retail aquarium fish stores everywhere very soon.

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