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    The Neo-Therm heater from Cobalt Aquatics is not a jangly glass, throw-away heater that you’ll have to replace in a couple years, but a robust electronic aquarium heating device. The slim profile of the Neo-Therm heater is great for fitting in small nano tanks and increasingly sophisticated little filter boxes sports and it also sports a built-in LED temperature indicator. Also, the Neo-Therm heater is unbreakablen, but perhaps the most important part of its construction is its super accurate electronic thermostat that keeps aquarium temperature very stable; like super precise, finicky-discus-fish-stable.

    5D3C2FEA-AC57-437E-B447-3218200AF508-300x196.png Temperature regulation of the Cobalt Aquatics Neo Therm aquarium heater

    Cobalt Aquatics can rave all they want about how good their new Neo Therm heater is but they have provided data about how the fast response time of the electronic thermostat can easily maintain temperature with half a degree Fahrenheit. The NeoTherm heaters will come in six sizes from 25 to 200 watts with suggested retail prices from $73 to $85, making these the premium heaters that many aquarists yearn for after they experience a costly malfunction from a cheap heater.

    The Neo-Therm heater is expected to start shipping in April to May and it is being shown off in the Cobalt Aquatics booth at Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida for the first time this week.

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