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8 May 2007
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Nemo power Tools is a new company that has literally made a big splash with a couple of underwater tools that are unlike anything on the market today. Nemo makes an underwater drill and an underwater angle-grinder, but for the sake of aquarium use we’re going to focus on the Nemo underwater drills.

The Nemo Underwater Drill comes in a few different models, based on their intended usage, beginning with the Pool & Spa version which starts out at $595. This model is fine for depths up to 5 meters (15 feet) but for use around large saltwater tanks and environments the Divers V2 and Marine edition Nemo Underwater Drills will be the ones that reefers should consider.

The Nemo Divers V2 Underwater Drill is not just waterproof, and submersible, but specifically made to be used deep underwater. This unique power drill includes a pressurization port so that users can can take the Nemo V2 Underwater Drill as deep as 50m or 164 feet deep, but thankfully our tanks aren’t that deep. The Nemo Divers V2 is priced at $725 and although we can’t see individual reefers investing in such a heavy duty tool with limited aquarium uses, this could be a cool device for reef clubs to purchase and loan to their club members when it is needed.

What makes the Divers V2 drill more suitable for our reef & fish tanks is the corrosion resistant parts that are are suitable for use in a saltwater environment. Likewise, Nemo also makes a Marine Underwater Drill model that is also safe for use in saltwater environments and while priced at $900 it is more expensive than the Divers V2, we don’t know why it is more expensive even though it isn’t rated for use beyond 5 meters deep.

By now you might be wondering why any reefer would want or even need a cordless that is not only waterproof, but also submersible. Well, the uses may be limited but having an underwater drill like the Nemo could be incredibly useful for aquascaping large exhibits, especially for drilling holes in which to place corals. But the best use we can think of is for polishing acrylic underwater without having to use expensive pneumatically powered tools.

Really this device probably only applies to marine aquarium professionals who need an underwater tool for something really specific. No one could have predicted that Dremel tools would become so useful in marine aquariums and fragging either, so who knows if there’s a future for the Nemo underwater drill in our little microcosm of the aquarium world. [Nemo Power Tools]

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