Needle wheel calc reactor

18 May 2007
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hi, i am thinking of adding a needle wheel impeler to my calc reactor.reason i am moving forward with this idea as i feel the co2 bubbles will be much more finer and react with the water better and better disolve of calc,also will be a great saving on co2 consumption and there will be no huge aircaps exiting the effluent pipe.basically the finer co2 bubbles will just keep re circulating,
anyways,what you guys uptake on this
sounds good niresh.well you good at what you do,so keep us posted with with the results
interesting approach... good initiative... following this but perhaps run a test on your existing set up vs the mod to see if theres really a need for this .... good to have something to compare results to rather than just say its better....

good luck
Reckless, I think you are spot on.

When using CO2 previously with a FW setup, I did the same thing. CO2 setup outperformed anyone with their fancy CO2 difusers and pressurized systems and whatnot.

I let the CO2 enter the pump similar to the air intake of a recirc skimmer's pump. The resulting bubbles are so fine (even more so in salt water) that the CO2 dissolved into the water 200% better than with any other method.

I don't know if it is possible with your CaRx, but it's even better if you can let the resultant CO2/Water mix travel a long way through a spiralled up pipe before entering the reactor. The contact time does wonders.
The aquamedic CArx has a needle wheel recirc pump, works very well just doesn't circulate the water fast enough.
I am not so convined about the needle wheel. A lot of big brand skimmer manufacturers are going back to normal impellors as they give much the same output at a muchlower cost.
Hey reckless souds like it can work any chance anyone has done this to a deltec reactor?
Hi guys
I have now been running Korallin calcium reactors in the last eight months, and there is no calcium reactor that runs as efficiently as this. It is driven by an Eheim pump model number 1250. On the C1501 I am using 8 bubbles a minute. And it keeps my 1500 L SPS tank at 420 ppm. It is driven with no needle wheel.

Hope this has given food for thought.
Sean H.
i'm not so sure if the needle wheel is such a big issue, my Carx keep the Cla at 460 ppm so i'm happy. if i need more, i just up the CO2 to the reactor. i like to keep the level in the reactor at 6.5 and no really convinced that an impeller will make a grate difference. just my 2cents ;)
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