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Discussion in 'Wanted' started by Furbz, 16 Jun 2009.

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    12 May 2008
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    hi guys,
    i have recently aquired a boyu tl 550

    however, this tank is going to be staying with my brother.
    so i am going to need the following.

    please note, i have a beautiful LTA anemone and a large elephant ear coral to swop out for items. otherwise if these arent wanted i can pay hard cash or a eft.

    i am in need of the following:

    > a decent skimmer that will fit in the boyu compartment. (wiepro SA 2003)
    > 3x 25l barrels
    > an auto top up system, or switch.
    > a silent pump with a head height of 2m
    > RO machine (pref with 4 stages ie. resin)
    > hydrometer

    let me know if you have any of these things! cheers!

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