Need some Bio ball advice

4 Mar 2014
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JHB South

Bio balls?
I have 2 types of bio balls in my sump, the black ones that came from a fellow reefer and from my old tank to my say they've been in my systems for 2years. These ones seem to sink to the bottom of my sump.
(all bio balls are in the overflow chamber)
Then I bought some blue ones that I had in my previous tank over 8months ago now in the new tank.
My new tank has been running for about 6months.

Now my question is why do the black ones sink and the blue float. Is that an issue.

Now my second biggest problem is the black balls look miff and dirty. They got alot of life in them but I'm thinking or worried they are leaching or trapping diatritus.
Im thinking of removing them out the system and just leaving the blues in.
Any reason why I shouldn't and how's the best way to go about doing it.

Any help or info would be much appreciated
The blues don't tumble much, is this an issue.
From the overflow chamber the water flows under the baffle into the skimmer chamber.
I got lots of bio balls in my quarantine system. Some float others sink as well. Easy to just stir the top floating half once in a while. Detritus do built up below, forcing me to clean out twice a year.

Switch off the return pump, and remove all the balls from that chamber. Siphoning out all the detritus. It counts as a big water change.
Can I put the black balls in a bucket with old tank water and give them a good stir and shake to clean them.
What do I do about all the pods living in the pods.
That is basically what I do, stir them in the tub with some old tank water.

Not sure if a net that is not to fine so that it let the detritus through but catch the pods would help. So when all the balls are back in the tank, and the rubbish had a moment to settle in the tub, see if you can catch some pods to put them back in the tank.
@RiaanP do still look OK.
Just give them a rinse clean and back in the sump or bin

wow. lots of sponges and worms growing there.
Good or bad
I think its good.

Anything that filter feeds the water is good in my opinion, unless its feather dusters taking over the display.

Now my question is why do the black ones sink and the blue float. Is that an issue.

Any help or info would be much appreciated

In my experience things that sink are normally heaver that the ones that float. Although in this case it could be that the ones that are floating are lighter than the ones that are sinking. The only way I can see to fix this is to make the black ones lighter or make the blue ones heaver.

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