NEED help with my little ocean :)

Discussion in 'New Members' started by Stavros, 17 May 2010.

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    17 May 2010
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    HI im new to these forums and im exited to get started!:yeahdude:

    Ok i have a 15 gallon nano reef tank, i bought it 2 years ago and it was going well for about a year but i then had a very long power cut in the middle of winter and my tanks temp dropped. So i lost almost all my stock exept a clown fish:(. So i though to pack up the hobby. SO i just left my tank in the corner with nothing but a powerhead. 13 months later im BACK in the swing, and im ready to give it another bash!

    ~My tank was in a horrible state! so i boiled the sand and washed the rocks with a toothbrush, I redid the whole thing !

    The next day i bought some Ro water and the LFS gave me something called Stability so i filled the tank, added all the rock ect and pored the stability into the tank

    the next day i bought a new piece of rock to add to the tank. After that i left it to do its thing;) But know im noticing That a brown "Algae" is forming and there are these long (LONG) brown hairs that strech a good 15 cm. I noticed that my good m8 the clown fish turned pale and died. Is it Dinos? or Cyno?

    My tank spects are as follows...
    Nitrate =30 ppm
    Alkalinity= 1.1
    ph= 8.6 (thats a shocker)
    Ammonia= 0-0.25
    my temp is good aswell as my salinity

    My lighting is 220v/50Hz 36W LED with moonlights( its on for 8-9 hours a day)

    Filtration= Biological filtration, live rock+live sand (i have about 14 pounds of rock)
    = i do a 10-15% water change every week.
    I dont think i need a skimmer as they are so expensive!! and = i only have a 15 gallon..

    I have a "Main" Pump that blows out water through a fan type of thing. I also have a power head (Seio 320 Prop) which blows about 1200l a hour
    But how must i place the umps in the tank - must they face each other in the tank? (from each side of the tank) or both from one side?


    What can i add to my tank to make it reach optimal "healthyness"
    eg ADD kalkwasser! or get buffer ect


    when my tank is ok enough to house a few clean up crew. do u recommend??
    3-4 dwarf hermit crabs
    2 ceith snails
    1 cleaner shrimp
    ( what would u recommend to add or get rid of)


    1-2 puecula clown
    1 reef safe wrass
    1 goby + pistol shrimp ( i have already got a pistol shrimp form my live rock so he needs a friend!!!!!)
    If only 1 clown what beautiful fish would u recommend?

    mushrooms ect nothing fancy

    IS this overstokking?


    Is the algea a threat in my tank? is it dinos. How can i get rid of it!!!

    Are my tank specs ok what must it be?

    My lighting and filtration??? + FLOW? (with flow where must i place the power heads)

    Recomendations to improve my tanks well-being?

    IS my CUC ok? must i add? if so what?

    FISh- Is this ok - Am i overstoking? are they reef safe?

    My tiger pistol shrimp is at the vert back of the tank! under some LR will my goby find him? or can i just get another pair of shrimp and goby?

    Your awnsers are NEEDED PLEASE READ AWNSER THE SUMMERY and give ur ideas:slayer:
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    Cape Town
    Hi Stavros - it would be best if you can post pics of your tank, and lifestock. Then we can visually see what help you would be needing....

    In a nano tank (a tank smaller than 120 liters), you cannot keep a lot of fish. The most fish would be +-4 to 5 medium sized fish, OR: 2 to 3 bigger fish (excluding tangs - they NEED a lot of space), or 6 to 7 small fish.... anything more than that would be overstocking.

    In a nano tank, you also NEED to do water changes very often, else you could end up having a disaster face you.....

    At this stage, it does not seem that you are overstocking - but you are indeed reaching the upper limits of the amount of fish that you can keep, without getting all of your fish into trouble....

    Do you have any testing kits? Can you please post the results of the following for us?
    - ammonia
    - nitrite
    - nitrate
    - pH
    - salinity/SG
    - alkalinity
  4. OP


    17 May 2010
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    Ok no problem.

    Ill get rid of the wrass

    OK my water conditions are the following ...

    Ammonia= 0-0.25 ( its in between)
    Nitrite= 0.1
    alkalinity = 1.7
    PH = 8.4
    SG = 1.023


    my real name is Robert, my cousin, for some reason called me Stavros...:(

  5. deadmeat2016

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    19 Jul 2009
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    Gordons bay
    A small tank is always more difficult to keep stable, a protein skimmer is not somthing that you can just neglect, in a marine tank its usually the most important piece of gear and because you have a small tank this cannot be overlooked, skimmers are expensive for a reason and buying a cheap one is usually ends up being a mistake, since i started a year ago i went through 3 skimmers until i spent R1400 on a decent reeftek ts1. The algae growth sounds like your tank is re-cycling, some people keep their lights off until the tank has fully cycled, the skimmer will also help preventing algae growth
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    14 Nov 2007
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    Dude, your tank was cycling, the ammonia/nitrite killed the clown. Give it time, the long hairy stuff is hair algae, not dangerous in moderate amounts just looks kak. it feeds off nitrates and phosphates and is typical in the early stages of a reef tank. As Jacquesb said, you have to do regular water changes and if possible and as deadmeat said, add a skimmer.

    Nothing good in this hobby happens quickly. Take your time.

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