Need help with KH/ALK and Ca

Discussion in 'Water Parameters and Additives' started by belindamotion, 24 Aug 2011.

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    I'm using Salifert Test Kits and need to know what levels to strive for...

    1. On MASA I read for Calcium: 380-420
    2. The Salifert Test Kit Manual says...Natural SW contains 425-450 calcium...?
    3. I have "calcification" from Seachem (aquavitro)..bottle says...380-400..?
    4. My LFS says 430-450...?

    1. On MASA I read Alkalinity is: 6 to 9dKH(ideally 6.5-8.5dKH)
    2. The Salifert Kit Manual says...Natural SW 7-8dKH
    3. "eight.four" from Seachem (aquavitro)..8.4
    4. My LFS says 10-12dKH

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    Hi belindamotion!

    Ideally you want to keep your water parameters in the same range as NSW (which you have found on our 'sticky'). Some reefers have broken the boundaries and pushed there Alk levels up 12DKH and it works for them, where as others have tried it and ended up with sulking, burnt and even dead corals. Keep to the parameters indicated here on MASA and your tank will flourish. Should you wish to push the boundaries later on as you get to know your system better, by all means do so.

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