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    24 Jan 2012
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    Hi Guys need a hand from the Techies on the Forum, been looking and researching on the net for a bit, looking for a software to merge vob files as well as a software to convert it from a vob, once combined, into a different format.

    What i have tried is Formatfactory and VOBmerge

    what happens is the FormatFactory software takes six hours to do the merge and conversion but howerver seems to hang somewhere in the recording, hence you have 1 hour of normal video viewing and the last frame within that video is duplicated for 4 hours after on playback.

    VOBmerge works fine, but then when changing the format, the video seems to be shuffled in terms of video playback, so you'll have the end at the beggining etc.

    Any help experience or software recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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