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    15 Mar 2009
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    Hi All

    I am looking to buy all the equipment for my new tank. I will be buying all at the same time so as to better my chances of getting a discount...;)

    Can you please PM me a quote for:
    ORCA-80-INT protein skimmer
    Halea HX-6530 1750l/h
    SunSun 3000l/h (3X)
    Jager 300W
    150W MH DE 14000K bulb
    24W T5 Actinic Tubes (2X)
    Mechanical Timers (5X)
    Tropic Marine Expert Test Kit
    Tetra Marine Salt 20kg
    13.6Kg Aragamax
    9kg Arag-alive
    15 - 20kg Live Rock
    Scrapers, Magnet Cleaners, etc

    Am I forgetting something? Already have a light fitting, RO unit, Refractometer and a TDS Pen.
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