Natural Reef Creation

Very interesting hey.
Pretty much cant curb the human mind!!!
Guys there's a new proggie on Animal Planet called Great Ocean Adventures. They showed a piece on artificial reef building in the Philippines last night. Its on Wednesday nights at 8pm
Copper, I saw that, hence the reason for my search into artificially created natural reefs.

It was a very interesting watch.
yeah but whats your feelings on the use of metal frames as reef base?

At first I frowned a bit. But then, thinking about it, it is the ocean after all. I don't think it is much of a problem considering that it doesn't take long for the frames to be covered with calcium carbonate.
That would probably be disasterous...hehe.

What was the most impressive to me was how quickly life moves into this new artificial reefs. If I recall correctly, the narrator said withing two days there are an abundance of fish and shrimps and stuff that found a new home.

What shrimp was those that he called cleaner shrimp? It didn't really look like the Lysmata amboinensis that I am used to.
very interesting.wonder if we can make up small ones for our tank without metal
It looked either like a sexy shrimp (Thor ambionensis) or a harlequin shrimp (Hymenocera picta)
Yeah my first thought was Harlequin.

Mekaeel, the way it looked to me, is that there wasn't really much form or shape to it. They just welded a lot of metal rods together to form a structure. Before long the structures were teaming with life.
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