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    Natural Aquario (NA) is an planted aquarium company from Portugal dedicated to “producing the highest quality aquarium dry goods, at the most competitive and reasonable price”. Although from the pictures it is quite clear these products certainly are (or at least appear) to be very high quality, almost every single product is highly reminiscent of ADA designs, down to the companies logo. If we didn’t know better, they might very well have been a sister company. The lights the canister filters, aquariums, canister pipes, and even the bags wouldn’t stand out as odd in an ADA catalog.

    ADA-light.jpg The ADA Solar II featuring only two power compact fluorescent bulbs compared to four Power Compact fluorescent bulbs in the Natural Aquario Fluor fixture

    All that said Natural Aquario products are a fraction of the price, and not automatically of lower quality. The Sun Fluor for instance offers twice the power as the comparable Solar II at $70 less ($245 vs $315). Their 11L Power Filter furthermore retails for $555 rather than the $1010 it takes to own a 12L ADA Super Jet filter. Every other Natural Aquario product likewise is a fraction of the premium ADA is charging for their products. We certainly do not support straight up copy cats, but it certainly raises the question if original design is truly worth a 100% markup simply because the company has a God status in the aquarium world? Check out the Natural Aquario website*yourself, but if you decide to support them that is up to you to decide.
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