Naso Tang not eating

7 Jul 2013
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Hi Guys,

Quick help please. I recently got a Naso Tang from a LFS and I witnessed it being fed flakes at the shop and so I bought it. However, since I have got it home it doesn't seem to want to eat anything - very picky.

I tried feeding it the same flakes it was fed at the LFS plus 2 other types - no go
Tried feeding it Brine Shrimp, Lobster Eggs and Mysis frozen - not happy
The only things it seems to pick at (and then not that much anyway) is Cyclops and Nori

Any assistance would be appreciated
How big is he?

My opinion, bigger nasos are more of a problem to get them eating. The smaller they are the better they adjust to aquarium environments.

Any other tangs in the tank? And their size compared to him?
He is small - about 8 cm. Also have a YT in the tank but absolutely no fighting or bullying. The YT is bigger than the NT but they get along fine. It's not like the NT is not feeding because he is fighting for his place. The food drifts past him and he looks at it all and just ignores it
I bought mines about 4 years back and was just bigger than a Chromis....clip some nori on the side, but a big enough piece so that the other tangs eat their fill, there is still enough left over for him to nibble on during the day. U can also soak the nori every second day with some liquid vitamins, to add to some sustenance to the meal. remove any uneaten nori at night time. Flakes (like pellets) will foul your tank as the uneatened bits either go over the overflow or settle in the sand. only wean them onto flakes/pellets once they all eating and even then, give just a little at a time to ensure there zero wastage.
Mines now about 22cm long now and soon will be going to a new home.
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