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    Nanoreef ES of Spain is bringing a modular approach to the sump starting next month. The novel idea allows you to add more features and functions to your filtration and maintenance by just adding different modules that gives you a unified look beneath your aquarium.

    The translucent white plastic components will kick off with weir overflow assemblies (dubbed the R2) for undrilled tanks as well as return lines from your sump (dubbed R1). If you are looking for a combined product, try the RK1 and RK2 which are integrated overflow and returns in two different sizes.

    For your sump, you can grab an S30 or S50 (holding 30 or 50 liters) that features integrated chambers for filter media, protein skimmer, return pump and even a refugium. You can even add on an additional reservoir to hold top off water, kalkwasser or other liquid you’ll be adding to your tank.

    The products will start trickling out to the market in June and will look to extend availability as production and demand ramp up. The prices look to be on par with other products, starting with around €55 for the overflow return and*€355 for the S50 sump. *From what we can tell from the images, the workmanship looks pretty solid providing a clean look for your extended filtration.

    [via Nanoreef ES]

    DSC_06261-150x150.jpg DSC_0625-150x150.jpg DSC_0624-150x150.jpg DSC_0623-150x150.jpg DSC_0622-150x150.jpg DSC_0621-150x150.jpg
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