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    Nanocustoms decided to test the boundaries of a new heatsink along with some badass new Bridgelux N1203 LEDs and came up with one monster of an LED lighting fixture. The four Bridgelux N1203 LEDs are neutral whites running around 4,500K and powered up at around 1 amp and hitting around 18W each. Flanking these Bridgelux LEDs are 32 Cree XR-E royal blue LEDs running at 1W each. Driving it all is a pair of Thomas Research 120W drivers. WIth 5 deg. Ledil reflectors on the Bridglux and 60 deg. lenses on the Cree’s this PAR monster is hitting 1,500 at 18 inches and 350 at four feet with an effective coverage of around three feet. This is one light you don’t want to look at powered on if you want to see spot free for the next week. What Charlie Sheen said recently applies plenty to the creation of this light, “I closed my*eyes and made it so. With the power of my mind.” The Nanocustoms prototype is definitely “winning” in our eyes.
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