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    The new LED driver box from NanoCustoms is the most ballingest thing to happen to lighting enclosures for reef aquariums this decade. Using only the highest quality Thomas Research LED drivers, the unibody LED driver is the flagship enclosure from NanoCustoms which brings a lot more functionality than we’ve seen in the past. Sliding potentiometers for fine adjustments of the LED power, triple rocker switch on each LED channel allows you to switch between adjustable, off and on modes with each channel also rocking it’s own 0-10v external control input.

    We don’t even have to mention the unibody construction, integrated fan power source and uber solid CNC milled box should be an investment that lasts for years to come. The NanoCustoms LED driver box will come in three iterations, Uno, Duo and Trio with either a 700 or 1000mA current rating to run your LEDs at either two watts or three watts each. The pricing on all six models should be formally announced very soon. Presumably the unibody LED driver box will be the perfect compliment to those sexy unibody LED reef lights that NanoCustoms has been perfecting for the better part of 9 months. Demo video after the break.

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