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8 May 2007
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NanoBox Reef is channeling its inner spectrum with a refreshing update to the Mini Tide and Duo LED fixtures that sees them getting thinner, brighter, and much more colorful. The New NanoBox Reef Tide and Duo LEDs are a half inch thinner than last year’s model, with 2 or 4 channel wireless control, including a much quieter fan which is itself also programmable.

The NanoBox Reef Mini and Tide LED are controlled via the Bluefish light controller, it uses a single power source so no more separate wall wart for the fan, and the lights use a newer and more efficient heatsink design to more quickly whisk heat away from the diodes. Like the previous units everything is still made in the USA, built by hand and made just for the customer. Lead time on standard units will be cut down to 2-4 days and custom orders 5-7.

Of course the new hallmark feature of the new Minis and Tides is the interchangeable lid design which allows for 90 different color options on the tops of the lights. The lids range in price from $29 to $39 and span the whole spectrum of the rainbow, as well as a variety of wooden lid options including bamboo, cherry and walnut; this option looks rather great on a black body NanoBox Reef fixture.

Another new “addition” of the New Minis and Tides is a feature which has somehow become subtracted on many aquarium lighting fixtures, and that is the option to have a dedicated moonlight LED. The use of a single nighttime LED with its single point source of light creates dramatic shimmer in large and small aquariums alike, and it enables the reefer to truly enjoy their aquarium in a dusk & dawn setting where a whole slew of different reef animal behaviors happen, especially breeding time.

As before the Mini Tide is available from NanoBox Reef either with a goodeneck mounting to the tank, or a hanging kit, either in two channel configuration for $289 or four channels for $329, with the dedicated moonlight option costing a few bucks more at $335. The DUO LED fixture includes twice the number of diodes for brighter reef tanking requirements with two channel control setup costing $435, four channels costing $465 and again the dedicated moonlight option is just a smidgen more. The new LED and colored lid options will also extend to the much larger Quad LED light as well as the LED + T5 hybrid light, with information on these coming soon.

With their focus on hand built LED lighting and a myriad of custom color options, NanoBox Reef has really carved a niche for itself in the LED lighting market. By specifically not mass manufacturing their lights, and sticking to CNC Machined parts, from the heatsink to the body of the light itself, and now with even more colored lid and customization options, NanoBox Reef is continuing to differentiate itself both in the form and the function of their LED lights. [NanoBox Reef]

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