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    It’s been a little while since we’ve heard from NanoBox Reef but with ReefStock looming, they’ve taken the lid off a new array of LEDs that offer impressive new levels of efficiency. The new board for NanoBox Reef fixtures uses a combination of Luxeon T and Rebel ES diodes and it was designed after experimenting around with tons of different diode combinations

    The new boards come in either two or four channel configurations with a huge diversity of LED colors including warm white, neutral white, lime green, lots of royal blue, blue and even cyan thrown in for good measure, and there’s even a dash of violet diodes just to evenly round out the UV end of the spectrum.

    The violets have been upgraded as well to nearly double the output, the “cool” blue has been specifically pickedto be really close to a “true” blue and paired with cyan it brings out the warmer colors that the white channel misses. Without taking temperature into account, the Luxeon T white is 10.3% more efficient than the Rebel ES, and moving from 85C test to 25C (matching the Rebel ES) it adds another 8.5%, for a total efficiency gain of ~18.8%.

    Every Nano Box unit now comes standard with this configuration, including RETRO kits and they are also being offered on their own for $54.95. Stats and metrics for the new NanoBox Reef color selection are quite impressive but what really counts is how good the corals look and grow underneath them so we can’t wait to spy these in action at ReefStock in two weeks. [NanoBox Reef]


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