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    Just a couple months ago NanoBox Reef teased the first look at their new forthcoming NBR Mini LED which is about the size of your hand, but with a tight cluster of LEDs that can still rock your nano. NanoBox is showing off one version of the NBR Mini LED which will come with a clamping gooseneck arm, effectively turning the Mini into a truly versatile lighting solution.

    The first photograph of the clamping NBR Mini LED shows a chrome gooseneck attached to the body of the light, without the wires being worked through it, but all future units will have stealthy power delivery via the gooseneck arm. What the teaser shot of the Clamping NBR Mini LED is what appears to be a cute driver box shaped like a cube with contemporary kevlar wire covering the exiting cable. We’ll have to wait until ReefStock for the full unveiling of NBR’s Mini LED in all it’s different flavors but we can’t wait to see this bad boy up close and in the flesh.

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