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    Let’s face it, setting up a nano reef is not about getting the most bang for your buck, it’s about dong something special, something unique, something cool. To that effect*NanoBox Reef and Synergy Reef Systems have teamed up to pair fantastic LED lights with very specially designed acrylic nano reef tanks.

    This weekend at ReefStock 2014 we saw the unique partnership of NanoBox Reef Tide LEDs with Synergy Reef Systems’ precision-made nano tanks. Coming in two colors so far, the Synergy tanks have a colored top brace either in signature fluo-green or a Reef Builders blue with pre-engineered slots for the mounting base of the NanoBox Reef Tide LED, and a few holes for sensors and top off.

    The smallest of these little nanos are 12 x 12 x 9″ and $110 for a clear brace or $125 for a colored top, and a larger 24″ long model adds about $50 to the price of the tank. The Synergy nano with a Nano Box Tide is $380 with a clear top or $390 with a colored top, and the larger tank with a Nano Box Duo LED pushes the price to just under $600.

    The NanoBox-Synergy combo might be only a few gallons but they were incredible attention grabbers at ReefStock, despite being in a crowded room packed to the gills with cool reef gear.*Current lead time will be 4-5 weeks on tanks and tank combos. Every tank will come standard with two holes on back rim for dosing tubing, hole for ATO tubing and notch for heater/powerhead wire. [Nano Box Reef]

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