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    The initial pictures of the NanoBox Mini had us very excited, and seeing them in the flesh certainly didn’t leave us*disappointed. The NanoBox Mini LED fixtures are seriously build, and pack a big punch especially considering their size. They are simply beautiful fixtures, with a close attention to detail, and since the*initial*tease the power cord*is now hidden in the gooseneck.

    The NanoBox mini fixtures will come in three flavors the Flare, Tide, and Glow which are meant for fresh, reef, and blue supplementation respectively. The NanoBox Mini Tide rocks an assortment of Philips Rebel ES LEDs much like the larger NanoBox fixtures, and also contains two Semiled violets. The Mini Glow on the other hand features a combination of Phillips Rebel ES cool bues and Phillips Rebel ES royal blues. All fixture use*45 degree lenses in combination with a diffuser are used to create an even spread. The NanoBox Mini fixtures will be*available*in black or white and will retail at $200 for the Glow, $225 for the Flare, and $225-275 (depending on the mount) for the Tide.

    Be sure to check out the photo’s below, and if you happen to be at ReefStock look out for a Reef Builders blue fixture in the raffle.









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