Nano TL550 Protein Skimmer dilemna

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    hi guys

    i need your advice please. i have a jewel vision 260 cichlid tank at home. i'm now dabbling with a reef tank and have bought a second hand Nano TL550 to get me started. i'm concerned about the TL550 protein skimmer as i've heard bad things about the stock unit. i'm thinking of replacing it BUT i want to fit an external hang-on skimmer like for example the Reef Octopus BH 100. the reason for this is that if and when i convert my vision 260 to reef i want to use the same skimmer and not have to buy another one. i will then convert the TL 550 back to freshwater and have a couple of show fish in there (maybe discus or similar).

    i hope this makes sense. my short term dilemna is whether the BH100 (or similar hang on skimmer) will fit onto the TL550 (some small mods to the hood are fine but i still want to keep the hood in place).

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    Hey the bh1000 will fit. A couple of reefers have done this including myself. But the bad things you heard about the stock skimmer is all b.s. i went from the bh1000 back to my standard skimmer and its been running for about 3 months and no problems whatsoever. But it comes down to all other filtration methods that help the process.
    But for your purpose u wanna get it to move it over to the juwel tank makes sense.
    Have fun.
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