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    MagFloat has a new small magnet, the Nano MagFLoat, which is expressively built to be strong, and to corner on a dime. In addition to being a strong neodymium magnet that floats, the Nano MagFloat can clean corners regardless of which side of the tank that the handle happens to be on.

    A bidirectional magnet assembly within the Nano MagFloat allows it to be held firmly within the corners of aquariums with rounded glass. The handle of the Nano MagFloat can essentiall pivot around the corner while the scrubbing part of the new magnetic algae cleaner stays put.

    Despite being labeled as the Nano MagFloat, in our trials with it the new device appeared to be stronger than the current smallest Mini MagFloat. While the Nano MagFloat is well suited to scrubbing hard to reach rounded corners, it remains to be seen how it handles bowfront style glass aquariums, but you can rest assured that we will test it out in the capacity at the first available opportunity.

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