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    The MyReef Creation MR2R is a brand new protein skimmer from the American heavy-duty acrylic-smithing specialists. The recirculating design of the MR2R uses a medium sized Reeflo Blowhole water pump to drive two Beckett injectors into a tight footprint. MRC*developed*the MR2R at the request of high end aquarium installers who were having to increasingly fit more of the large aquarium equipment under the stand, in some cases with only 36 inches of height of clearance.*

    The MRC MR2R is rated for aquariums up to about 600 gallons in volume and the recirculating design calls for about that same amount of flow-through per hour.*The Blowhole’s unique one-way volute allows MRC to use fewer fittings and to plumb an overall high performance density in the MR2R, and the onboard power control of the Reeflo Blowhole also allows for quick reduction in output to remove the cup and clean the skimmer without turning any valves. MyReef Creations expect the MR2R recirculating protein skimmer with duel beckett injectors to retail for about $900 with the Reeflo Blowhole pump.

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