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6 May 2007
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this tank has been set up for 1 year after a crash out on my first system

spec's of the tank are
3 and a half foot tank
with a two foot sump
as for live rock i have not got a clue on how much i have in there !

water spec's
ph 8.2
kh 9.5-10
cal 400-415
mct 1400
phos 0.0
nitrates 0
sg 1.025

fish in system
one sail fin
one clown
one blue chromis
one true royal grammar
one sulphur goby
one orange spot goby
one peach line goby

clean up crew
two red legged hermits
one cleaner shrimp
one peppermint shrimp

lighting is a 250w mh 10,000k with an luminarc 3
one 40w actinic tube
sump lighting is run 24/7
30w tube

running two sieo's 820 for circulation in tank
one rio 1700 under reef rack pump
and one rio 1700 return pump
turnover on the tank is 56 times an hour

skimmer is at the mo a sea clone (changing soon to a v2 600)

Really nice setup there dude.
Any pics of engine room.
But hell, looks like a nice stable system there man!!
Awesome. Some photos of your equipment as well please.
heres a pic of the sump before (running in time)


the skimmer is the other end now was getting the small air bubbles in to main tank

heres a pic of my phos remover !!


the sump is now almost full with rock now take it out of the main tank as i get new corals
Very nice looking tank.

You say your mct is 1400, is that your magnesium level?
Looking good bud, I like that phos reactor you got ;)

Do you find much detritus getting caught and collected in your sump from the live rock ?
heres some more pics i have not got any upto date ones cam batterys are dead but will get some soon !




Very neat system, your live stock are in perfect health, well done.
very very nice, i miss the DIY days of some of the equip.... i really like this tank.... well done.
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we have a Cornish reef night at the local shop one night a month we go along trade frag's and also buy frag's good night out and have a coffee and chat as well !
most of the acro's and monti's are from frag's
just got to try and get rid of the green algae thats in there!
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Great Looking tank. Really nice and clean looking.

Do I know you from International Reefers by any chance ?
Nice, do you have any pics of your other setup, before it crashed?
Tank looks much better now !
sump lighting is run 24/7
Maybe you should have your sump lighting running on a reverse cycle to your display. Will help with PH swings. Just a thought.
Tank looks much better now !

Maybe you should have your sump lighting running on a reverse cycle to your display. Will help with PH swings. Just a thought.

I had my sump light running 24/7 and my ph was quite stable. Although it is not recommened to do this with caulepera.
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