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16 Jul 2007
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Hi Everyone- Please give me your honest opinion of my setup.
Detail: 1500 x 700 x 700. - Sump 1200 x 500 x 500.
Lights: 2 x metal halo, 2 x T5's, 2 x Blue Moon's, 2 x Sun Glo.
1 x Prism Skimmer
Fish: Yellow Tang, Regal Tang, Sailfin Tang, Blenny, 7 x Chromis, cleaner wrasse, Killer whale wrasse, 2 x Clowns, 2 x Cleaner shrimp, Fire shrimp, coral Beauty and a Argii Angel.

Also various corals.
Advice and opinions welcome.







Hey Smither-Thanks man. Been running since September '06. Had a couple of hick-ups though, but it looks like things are O.K. now.
Are all the Tangs living happily together ? Can you not post some bigger pics as well as a full frontal (of the tank people !!!) and the sump.
Smithers-Yes, will try and improve on my Photo taking skills. Took me all day to post these, but I think I have the hang of it now. Will post some more pics with better lighting next week. Promise
Smithers- Sorrry, forgot the question on the Tangs. I have no problem with chasing in my tank. Very lucky I think.

mekaeel- I have about 40kg's LR. Kenya and Malasian.
Looking good. The prizm skimmer is a bit of a joke though. I presume it's the little hang on one? Do you have a sump?
Rory-I have seen allot of different skimmers, but this one I have really does the job. I also have another Jebo running.
Hi guys. Leaving at three. Will answer al questions on Monday. Enjoy the weekend.
Hi juice, looking very good, very nice selection of fish. Improvements i would look at in the future that would certainly benefit your system. Sump with DSB and some kind of macro algae, if the tank is not drilled you could use an overflow box. Increasing quantity of live rock and a upgrade of the skimmer. As i said just suggestions that would be of benefit to an already nice looking system.
Alan-Thanks for the advice. I currently have a DSB in place. I also have a overflow box with a 40mm hole feeding the sump.
By the sounds of things you and Rory agree on the fact that I need a better skimmer.
Leslie- I only found out about this site the other day, I wondered why SARK was so slow. Nice to hear from you.
yep ive been busy give me a call and come over for a beer sometime.. would like to see your system... is donavin still keeping marines?
Hey Juice, how's the tank doing? Did you upgrade your skimmer?
Thanks Leslie, he can't just leave us hanging like this :D
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